#12 Jim Plaxton Part 2 / by Michael Kruse

Show Notes

This is the second half of my chat with Toronto-based production designer Jim Plaxton, and we cover his introduction of cardboard into theatre design in Toronto through Michael Hollingsworth's Strawberry Fields, his monumental work on Videocaberet's History of the Village of Small Huts and his retirement from theatre.

One small correction, it appears as if there was a small confusion regarding the first time use of cardboard by Jim.  It is not very clear in the interview, but Jim speaks about a 40' (actually 36') cardboard bridge he had designed in 1981 for Picnic in the Drift by Tanya Mars and Rina Fraticelli which, according to Scenography in Canada, consisted of cardboard glued together to a thickness of 6" and supported by two vertical truss towers.  The bridge supported both artists and furniture during the production.  The drawbridge, designed in 1973 for Hollingsworth's first play, Strawberry Fields, had been his first foray into the use of cardboard.


Strawberry Fields, Michael Hollingsworth

Bill Lane

Cardboard Scenary


Michael Hollingsworth

The Hummer Sisters run for Mayor in 1982

History of the Village of Small Huts


Astrid Jansen


Native Earth Performing Arts

The Global Village Theatre

Elizabeth Swerdlow (nee Szathmary) 

Robert Swerdlow

Michelle DuBarry played in Facade (gay caberet/ drag troupe at The Global Village Theatre)

Associated Designers of Canada

Nothing Sacred