#10 Projection and the Future Part 2 / by Michael Kruse

This episode picks up at the second half of the panel discussion about projection and the future of design at the Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology's annual conference, Rendez-Vous 2014.  I am once again joined by Scott Spidell, Eric Mongerson, Beth Kates, and Ben Chaisson (bios can be found at episode #9).  

We started the talk about the unique funding challenges of buying or renting equipment that advances so quickly, move on to talk about the language of video in a production and end with a discussion about copyright and planning for the future.


Canada Council Grants

Necessary Angel 

Cahoots Theatre

ETC Source Four LEDs

Toronto Association for the Performing Arts

LED video component walls - Barco

Summerworks Festival

D3 Servers

National Arts Centre

Carousel Players