#17 Christina Poddubiuk / by Michael Kruse

This week I spoke to set and costume designer Christina Poddubiuk at the Shaw Festival on a whirlwind trip down there.  We speak about her early training and career, as normal here, but we also go in depth about her designs for Pygmalion, directed by Peter Hinton and opening on June 5th 2015.  As well, be sure to check out Christina's portfolio at punchandjudy.ca . There are a few links below that I could find no information about - if you have any information about the people below, please email at thetitleblock@gmail.com.


National Theatre School

François Barbeau

The Shaw Festival

The Straford Festival

Carol Holland

Gayle Tribick

Polly Bohdanetzky

John Hirsch

Susan Benson

Richard Cotrell

The Chocolate Soldier

The Royal George Theatre at The Shaw Festival

The Royal George Theatre

The Royal George Theatre

Christina Poddubiuk.  Photo By David Cooper.

Christina Poddubiuk.  Photo By David Cooper.