#20 William Schmuck / by Michael Kruse

William Schmuck, photo by David Cooper

William Schmuck, photo by David Cooper

William Schmuck is the head of design at the Shaw Festival. We spoke in May of 2015 before the first opening of the season about his life and the Moss Hart play Light Up The Sky which William designed this year.  We dig into what you need to know before you apply to apprentice at a festival like the Shaw and what it was like to transition between artistic directors in his 20 years as head of design.


The Shaw Festival

University of Waterloo

1980 Quebec Referendum

National Theatre School

The Grand, London ON

Jack King

Leslie Hurry

Kelli Fox as Frances Black, Shawn Wright as William H. Gallegher and Laurie Paton as Stella Livingston in Light Up the Sky. Photo by David Cooper. Set and Costumes by William Schmuck, Lighting Design by Louise Guinand, Direction by Blair Williams, Projection Design by Beth Kates and Ben Chaisson