#7 Allan Stichbury Part 1 / by Michael Kruse

Allan Stichbury is a set/costume/lighting designer based in Victoria, British Columbia.  An alumni of the conservatory program at the University of Alberta, Allan spoke to me about his early years in Victoria and Edmonton and the shows that made his career at a time in Canadian theatre that you could still become an overnight success.

The sound is a bit lower quality than I would have liked, as this was my first recording of a Skype call.  Please forgive the digital distortion at times, I have improved my technique and this will not happen again.

Show Notes

Vancouver's Gastown Riots

Canadian Actors Equity

University of Victoria Dept. of Theatre

Bastion Theatre

Company One

Carl Hare

Belfry Theatre

William D. (Bill) West

University of Alberta Theatre Program

Victor Becker

Northern Light Theatre


50/50 Glass (Rosco Shrink Mirror Scrim)

National Arts Centre

Josef Svoboda

Banff Centre for the Arts

Citadel Theatre

Robin Phillips

Tarragon Theatre

Young People's Theatre

The Grand Theatre

CentreStage Company (Canadian Stage Company)

Dennis Garnham

Michael Whitfield