#6 Shawn Kerwin Part 2 / by Michael Kruse

After a bit of a delay for school and life, here is episode #6, part 2 of my discussion with Shawn Kerwin.  We pick up with Shawn's experience with Desmond Heeley at the Stratford Festival and move onto the Met and Shawn's design philosophy, discussing problems with the audience "humming the scenery" after the show.  This episode is a great primer for how to approach a design, generate ideas, communicate with other artisans and build a show, as well as a frank discussion about starting a career in the theatre. Links below.

Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology Conference 2014

Desmond Heeley and his Bio

Backstage at the Stratford Festival

Susan Benson

Alex Stone and Carl Toms and Cecil Beaton

David Reppa and the Metropolitan Opera Company

Canadian Violinist Murdered at the Met : Helen Hagnes

John Michael Deegan

Theatre New Brunswick

Robert Edmond Jones

Script Analysis

Making a Model Box for Theatre - example, the play A Janika

Haden Griffin

Who's In The Goose Tonight? An Anecdotal History of Theatre in Canada to 1970, Vernon Chapman